This product is designed for Investor who believes in buy & hold approach strategy, clients who are passively trades in Equity market of Singapore & Malaysia can subscribe for this product. This product will help you to build wealth over an extended period of time through buying & holding stocks. This will also enhance profits through compounding, reinvesting any profits & dividend into additional stocks.

Investment Required : SGD 20,000

Mode of Recommendations : Recommendations are available through email.

Recommendations are given on :- SGX Blue Chips- Large Market Cap. Stocks,
SGX Mid Cap- Medium Size Cap. Stocks

Details of Services :-
3-4 recommendations monthly
It comprises of Fundamental & Technical analysis on Stocks
Targets & Stop loss may be between 5-12%
Holding period will be maximum 2-3 week.
Positions open at a time will be 2, so that risk can be managed
Strategy will be Breakout- BUY ABOVE SGD 1.200 & SELL BELOW SGD 5.623
We will also support you in case position has to square off in between.

Trading Rules :-
Trade in each recommendation with Fixed Capital
E.g. Let your investment in each recommendation be SGD 1000
If recommended Stock is A with Current Price SGD 5.750, then
Quantity to be traded: Capital per Trade/Price of Stock
Follow the recommendations as you receive.
StopLoss is integral part of risk management. Please follow Stoploss in each and every trade and exit when price touches stoploss.
Book Partial (50% recommended, rest depends on your risk appetite) and revise your stoploss to Cost so that your position does not go in loss.
Don’t forget your rules.

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